CO2 Incubator

  • CO2 Incubator

    1. Internal material: high quality stainless steel.
    2. Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller (P.I.D controlling), more stable and higher precision; LED High brightness digital display, intuitive and clear.
    3. Double-layer door structure: Open outer door, observe studio experimental results through the inner door which is made from high intensity toughened glass, temperature and humidity unaffected
    4. Infrared CO2 concentration sensor imported from Finland, display CO2 concentration directly and reliably.
    5. Independent heating system of the door, avoid inner glass connect dew phenomenon effectively.
    6. Humidity is controlled by water dish natural evaporation, displayed directly.
    7. UV lamp for sterilization, more effectively prevent cell of pollution in incubation period.

    BJPX-REDWOOD 400x400x500 80L
    BJPX-CYPRESS 500x500x650 160L
    BJPX-PINASTER 400x400x500 80L
    BJPX-POPLAR 500x500x650 160L