Laminar Air Flow

  • Laminar Air Flow

    Laminar Flow Bench- Clean Work Station for non dust working area. Unit comprising of HEPA / Pre dilter, Motor blowing assembly, Manometer, Tube Light. Horizontal & Vertical Models to meet requirement.

    Vertical 2'x2'x2'
    Vertical 3'x2'x2'
    Vertical 4'x2'x2'
    Horizontal 2'x2'x2'
    Horizontal 3'x2'x2'
    Horizontal 4'x2'x2'
    Optional Accessories for Horizontal Model Size
    Front Acrylic Door
    Front Door of Polycarbonate
    Side Polycarbonate Panel
    LPG/vacuum cock
    Minipleat HEPA
    Magnehelic Gauge