Vortex Mixers / Cyclo Mixers

  • AP-1 AquaPro Water Quality Tester

    The Vortex mixer widely used in life science, physical and chemical analysis fields, for vigorous re-suspension of cells or chemical pellets in tubes up to 15 ml.

    - Touch and continuous operations
    - MX-S with wide speed range of 0-2500rpm, stepless speed regulation
    - Specially designed vacuum suction feet hold to the work surface and prevent the unit from movement
    - Aluminum cast base avoids unnecessary “walking”

      MX-F (Fixed speed)
    Voltage[VAC] 220-230
    Frequency[Hz] 50/60
    Power[W] 60
    Mixing motion Orbital
    Orbital diameter[mm] 4
    Motor rating input[W] 58
    Motor rating output[W] 10
    Permissible on time[%] 30
    Speed range[rpm] 2500
    Speed display --
    Run type Continuous/ touch operation
    Dimensions[W×H×D mm] 127×130×160
    Weight[kg] 3.5
    Permissible ambient temperature[℃] 5-40
    Permissible relative humidity 80%
    Protection class acc. DIN EN60529 IP21
    Interchangeable Mixing Heads
    Model Description
    VM- 01 VT1.3 Universal top plate Ø 100mm
    VM 01 A VT1.3.2 tube adapter for 18 holes test tubes, Ø10mm, used with VT1.3/ VT1.2
    VM 01 B VT1.3.6 Platform pad for <Ø99mm tubes and small vessels
    VM 01 C VT1.3.5 tube adapter for 8 holes test tubes, Ø20mm, used with VT1.3/ VT1.2